At José Neves you will find all kinds of stretch films, from the standard to the high performance, adapted to different packaging needs.

We have specialized technicians available to analyze each situation and present a competitive proposal in order to reduce costs, depending on the equipment and the product to be packed.

  • Machine film in standard quality, high performance, low micron and prestretched;
  • Hand film in standard quality, mini roll, and pre-stretched;
  • Core less hand plastic film;
  • Macroperforated and microperforated plastic films;
  • Colored films;
  • Different levels of stretching, widths and thicknesses.

We also have several technical plastics, such as:

  • Plastic with VCI protection, directed to the metallurgical, steel and automotive industries to prevent corrosion of metals during storage or transportation. Available in rolls, bags or layers, it effectively protects steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, copper, gold, silver, nickel and cadmium;
  • High density films for cutting tables (textile sector) and food sector;
  • Polyethylene plastics in low and medium density and plastics with UV protection;
  • Air bubble with 10mm / 20mm / 30mm in roll, bag or layer;
  • Anti-static air bubble;
  • Laminated air bubble with kraft paper, polyethylene foam or aluminum;
  • Plastic roll with masking adhesive tape, ideal to protect any surface in painting work;
  • Plastic bags, sleeves and straps for different purposes.