General Policy: Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility

» General Policy

José Neves & Cia, Lda., playing in the packaging sector, makes a global commitment to the quality of its products and services, the protection of the environment, the safety of its processes and employees and the social responsibility to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, stakeholders and the environment and surrounding community.

In everything it acts to be recognized as fair, respectful, cooperative and competitive.

The Organization reflects on its purposes and condenses its performance and goals to be achieved in the way it cares, motivates and proposes to improve to generate value to boost reinvestments and leverage economic growth in the fields of Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility.

José Neves believes that the implementation, maintenance and improvement of good practices and quality, environmental, safety and social responsibility management systems promotes a more effective way to ensure that the goals are shared and achieved by all employees and cumulatively promotes awareness of know-how, well done and doing respecting and protecting the environment and people.

José Neves assures all its commitment and provides the necessary resources for these challenges to be met and, together with its workers, to lay the foundations for a consolidated future for the Organization, employees and to the community where it operates.

You can read the José Neves Global Policy document here: General Policy.

» Quality

The quality represents to José Neves a point of great importance. Therefore, in the year 2000, it became the first company in the packaging sector to be certified by ISO 9002 (1995). Despite the increasingly high demands on certification processes, José Neves has renewed its quality certificate year after year.

You can consult the current certificate here: ISO 9001 Certificate

We work daily in the continuous improvement of internal processes, in order to satisfy our Customers and to exceed their expectations. José Neves supports the construction of its future, based on these principles. At this moment, José Neves also started the process of adapting the company to environmental and hygiene and safety certification.

Conscious of the need to provide compliant products and services through efficient processes in order to better meet the needs and expectations of Customers, José Neves acts to effectively plan its activities; reduce the risk of their activities; promote sustainability; and permanently improve the way it is organized and how it works.

» Safety

In the course of its activities, José Neves reduces risk exposure and implements safety procedures and self-protection measures for its employees, visitors and the environment to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

It also maintains and improves:

  • adequate conditions of safety, comfort and personal efficiency;
  • effective and safe equipment;
  • reducing risks to people, equipment and the environment.

» Social Responsability

Assuming an active social aspect, José Neves acts to promote the development of its employees and the community in which it operates. It also acts to promote equity; eliminates any discrimination in their internal and external functional relationships; adequately and fairly compensates their labor force; promotes the professional and personal development of its employees; offers individual training through curriculum and professional internship protocols to students; promotes family support and parenting responsibilities of its employees; assists in case of personal emergency its employees; contributes to environmental, social and cultural causes of the environment in which it operates.

If you identify with these principles and want to be part of a successful team, join us!

Some examples of José Neves interaction with the local community:

  • Strong action with several Associations in Guimarães, through support in different ways;
  • Partnership with Professional Schools – integration of trainees;
  • Partnership with the University of Minho – host finalist students;
  • Members of the League of Friends of Nossa Sra. da Oliveira Hospital since its foundation (2004);
  • Protocol with the University of Minho for the implementation of an internal program to increase the productivity and efficiency, in force since 2006;
  • Since 2009, offer of scholarships to students of higher education, with financial difficulties;
  • Partnership with the Rotary Club of Guimarães;
  • Since 2016, partnership with the Guimarães City Council in the “Guimarães Brand” project, as a form of promotion of industrial tourism;
  • In 2017, a partnership with Desincoop – Economic, Social and Cultural Development Association, sharing experiences with students in different areas;
  • Since 2018, support to the Association “Operação Nariz  Vermelho”, an association with intervention within the pediatric services of Portuguese hospitals, through the donation of packaging and packaging accessories;
  • In 2019, support to AIREV – Association for the Integration and Social Rehabilitation of Children and Young People with Disabilities in Vizela, providing a different experience to the resident grown boys.