José Neves is the official and exclusive representative of ngreen® in Portugal.

Ngreen® delivers a range of green and sustainable packaging solutions that respect the environment. Designed with a focus on the specific packaging needs of your business, each product is developed with raw materials and subsidiaries compatible with the protection of the environment and people, being 100% recyclable. Buying ngreen® solutions is a guarantee of sustainability, quality, productivity, savings and satisfaction.

Ngreen® is distinguished by:

  • ergonomic packaging solutions easy for everyone to use;
  • eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions that respect the environment and contribute to a better future;
  • greater speed in the packaging process, due to the great facility for usage of the different solutions;
  • compact packaging solutions to take up little space and easier transport and handling;
  • greater productivity, due to the speed of use;
  • proven savings and zero waste;
  • 100% recyclable solutions;
  • greater customer satisfaction.

Void & Fill Paper

The Void-Fill Paper is the ideal solution for fast and eco-friendly dispatches in small and medium-sized quantities. Perfect for filling and stuffing packages for operators of online shops as well as for private parcel deliveries, Void-Fill Paper is well suited for all types of dispatched articles, whether fragile, light or heavy, small or large.


Video, Flyer and Prices:

Void & Fill Paper