ADTECH – First textile mask that inactivates the COVID-19 for sale at José Neves

mascara ADTECH textil anti covid 50 lavagens jose neves

José Neves sells a mask that inactivates the coronavirus, a worldwide innovation.

Several layers of protection and fabrics with antimicrobial and viral treatments make this mask unique on the market. Its water-repellent treatment prevents the attachment of droplets containing viruses and bacteria to the tissue, acting as a protective shield against viruses and bacteria.

This mask ensures a filtration capacity of >95%, equivalent to an FFP2 mask and allows at least 50 washes, without losing protection effectiveness, thanks to its innovative technology. They also have an excellent combination of breathability and particle retention, odor control and humidity control.

Because they are light, breathable and sustainable, they are the ideal choice for a working day in safety and comfort. It can be used for 8 hours straight and only needs to be washed once a week, due to its antimicrobial technology (daily aeration of the mask is recommended).

This mask represents an intelligent financial solution, as it can be used to ensure the protection of a worker for more than 4 months.

This mask also holds several certifications, namely:

  • Approved by CITEVE Portugal, Level 2 – Professional use for Covid-19;
  • Approved by Equilibrium Spain;
  • Approved by DGE France;
  • IFTH certification on the effectiveness of the mask after 50 washes;
  • OEKO-TEX® certification.

We guarantee the best price on the market. For prices and orders, please click here.

This mask was reported on TV. To watch the video, please click here.

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