José Neves has a complete range of Personal and Collective protective equipment, designed to:

  • guarantee safety and health at work;
  • avoid possible risks of contagion;
  • prevent workers’ professional risks;
  • avoid accidents or illnesses related to work;
  • prevent and avoid biological risks (in the case of health professionals, caregivers to third parties and monitoring or treatment of patients);
  • prevent the spread of viruses, for example, the COVID-19.

From our range of Personal and Collective protective equipment, we highlight:

  • disposable personal protective equipment (masks, hair caps, gowns, gloves, arm sleeves covers, shoe covers, disposable protective suits, visitor’s protection kits);
  • reusable personal protective equipment (safety spectacles, protective goggles, face screens, face shields, visors, hair caps, safety hoods, boot covers);
  • hands sanitizer gel;
  • desk and floor protector barriers in cardboard or acrylic for service counters, receptions, production and packaging lines;
  • consumables for the health area, namely, paper rolls for hospital use in stretchers;
  • safety marking adhesive tapes and safety delimitation tapes to delimit areas and ensure social distance in service spaces.

Protect your workers. Do not take unnecessary risks.

For you, for them, for us!



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