José Neves already has a Book of Compliments

jose neves livro de elogios book of compliments

Compliment: used to express admiration or a favorable opinion towards someone about their character, values, appearance, attitude or actions.

Did you know that a simple compliment has the power to motivate people, making them continue to do their best in the tasks and projects they set out to do? Truth!

Praise has the ability to change people and significantly improve the way we relate to each other both in a personal and professional context. When we praise someone, we are contributing to the increase of joy and happiness of that person and, therefore, of the team in which they are inserted, but not only. We are also contributing to:

  • improve their self-esteem and confidence;
  • encourage good performance and improved results;
  • increase motivation and productivity (happy and motivated people are more productive people);
  • provide empathy and strengthen relationships.

Do you want to praise us? Write in the Book of Compliments.

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