Social Responsibility


The quality represents to José Neves a point of great importance. Therefore, in the year 2000, it became the first company in the packaging sector to be certified by ISO 9002 (1995). Despite the increasingly high demands on certification processes, José Neves has renewed its quality certificate year after year.

You can consult the current certificate here: ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

We work daily in the continuous improvement of internal processes, in order to satisfy our Customers and to exceed their expectations. José Neves supports the construction of its future, based on these principles. At this moment, José Neves also started the process of adapting the company to environmental and hygiene and safety certification.


José Neves defends an environment friendly position in the market, encouraging all its employees to implement environment sustainable measures. For José Neves company, eco-efficiency is a question of sustainability, but also of competitiveness. Therefore, we are willing to manage, measure and improve our environmental performance, adhering to environmental certification, ISO 14001.

We believe that the companies of the future are those that can reconcile commercial interests with the protection of the environment, on which we all depend. And it’s up to each other make the difference.

Some programs already implemented in José Neves:
– Reduction of paper and energy consumption;
– Waste separation for further recycling.

Human Resources

José Neves believes that the most important assets of a company are people. Therefore, it invests actively in training and in experiences exchange. By this way, it has developed an annual training program for each employee, with a view to a continuous learning process.

In addition, a performance appraisal system was also implemented in 2007 that is still in place, in order to measure the contribution of each employee to the overall effectiveness of the company. The main advantages of this process are the transparency of the evaluation system and the clear vision of the objectives of the company that provides each employee.

If you identify with these principles and want to be part of a successful team, join us!

Local Community

José Neves implements and encourages interaction policies with the local community. By this way, it established a program of action, based on the following pillars:

  • Strong action with several Associations in Guimarães, through support in different ways;
  • Partnership with Professional Schools – integration of trainees;
  • Partnership with the University of Minho – host finalist students;
  • Members of the League of Friends of Nossa Sra. da Oliveira Hospital since its foundation (2004);
  • Protocol with the University of Minho for the implementation of an internal program to increase the productivity and efficiency, in force since 2006;
  • Since 2009, offer of scholarships to students of higher education, with financial difficulties;
  • Partnership with the Rotary Club of Guimarães;
  • Since 2016, partnership with the Guimarães City Council in the “Guimarães Brand” project, as a form of promotion of industrial tourism;
  • In 2017, a partnership with Desincoop – Economic, Social and Cultural Development Association, sharing experiences with students in different areas.
  • Since 2018, support to the Association “Operação Nariz  Vermelho”, an association with intervention within the pediatric services of Portuguese hospitals, through the donation of packaging and packaging accessories.